The Twelve Faces





Jim Garvey, once world famous and notorious for his photos of hellish scenes of freaks, corpses and pain, lost it all in a spectacular flame out. Now, cynical and world-weary, he sleep walks through his life as the landlord of a crummy 6-plex in Miami, Florida, refusing to even touch a camera. When Tink, the daughter he gave up twelve years earlier calls with the news that her mother has died in an terrible auto accident, something deep inside him reawakens. Snatching the girl from the clutches of the powerful matriarch who first raised, then destroyed him, Jim Garvey has a brief glimpse of happiness. But a mere forty-eight hours after regaining his daughter, she is kidnapped by a man from Jim’s past, a man so monstrous he might have stepped out of one of Jim’s famous nightmare tableaux. To get her back, he has to re-enter a world he has spent the last twelve years trying to forget.Teaming up with Anita Delany, an FBI agent with an agenda all her own, they cross the country in pursuit of Tink and the vicious killer who somehow, someway, always seems to be one step ahead of them.A CIA chemical experiment gone terrible wrong. A pale, red-haired giantess with twelve personalities that are so much more. Twelve beings possibly from another dimension set free by accident and hiding for the last thirty years deep inside twelve unsuspecting hosts. Beings now emerging but Tink’s kidnapper is stalking them one by one, killing each one more horrifically than the last. A house in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco where it all started. A rare book of photos taken in that very house by a teen-aged Jim Garvey, The Twelve Faces, that holds the key to everything.A phantasmagorical road trip across mid-nineties America. A snow-covered Indiana rest stop. A poisonous Florida swamp. A wind swept mountain high in the Nevada desert. A crumbling sanatorium deep in the Sonoma hill country. A paradisaical refuge that seemingly exists beyond space and time.A long-lost chemical formula that is purported to impart god-like powers.This is The Twelve Faces.