IMG_0689 Michael Gust grew up on a 1000 acre farm in central Illinois. When he was 12 he dreamed that some day the farm would become a park.  Sure enough, the farm is currently an Illinois State Park after changing hands in the mid 2000s.  Gust studied Art History at Northern Illinois University, trained in photography, and then settled in Portland, Oregon in 1979 just in time to witness Mt. St. Helens erupt. After freelance gigs as a custom photo printer and darkroom technician, script writer for educational films, and lamp operator for TV commercials and feature films, (including Marisa Silver’s Permanent Record, and Gus Van Sant’s Drugstore Cowboy), he currently works as a freelance location manager. He has scouted hundreds of commercial and print projects and the occasional big budget movie such as The Ring and the first Twilight film.

He has published a short story in the acclaimed Bantam Books Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology, Full Spectrum 5. He has also published short fiction in such small press magazines as Aberrations and the award-winning horror monthly, Deathrealm. His essays and reviews have appeared in the video gaming website, Tap Repeatedly. He currently has three novels available on Amazon.com: Finding Miranda, a coming of age murder mystery, Caravaggio’s Whore, a thriller set in Paris at the end of the twentieth century, and The Twelve Faces, a phantasmagorical mid-nineties road trip. He is working on two more books; Six Months in Denver, a semi-fictional memoir about his days living on the streets of Denver, Colorado in 1971, and Half-Light, a ghost story featuring a dead identical twin who murders her living twin’s lovers.